Thrill and action is what the contemporary generation looks to fill the void in their worn out, monotonous life. In the prevailing rat race of money and fame, adventure and fun is the only thing which remains out of stock. Games serve the purpose of spicing up the dreary days and bringing back the fun and frolic to everyone.

With the advent of internet, the gaming dimensions have changed a great deal. Today online games are a great rage among the youngsters or rather the gamers of all age. Amongst the numerous other categories, arcade games are the most popular of all. These games basically focus on war and battle action.

It may be a sky war between the fighter planes as in the very popular ‘Dogfight’ where the fighter planes indulge into a combat. The game stretches up to several levels เว็บพนันบอล ถูกกฎหมาย and the intensity keeps on increasing. The interface of the game looks really appealing and realistic. The gamers get a feel of being a part of a real warfare. Blue shift is another well known game popular among the gaming masses. It is a depiction of a space combat, where various futuristic gadgets and queer looking space crafts bombard each other furiously. ‘Planet Smash’ is another game of the same kind. City under siege shows an entire city engaged in a battle on massive steroids aiming to defend itself city at all costs. The Arcade games can last up to several days to reach the final stage. With the passage of stages, the gamers get a hang of the game.

The level of difficulty increases and takes up the level of addiction with it. The gamers feel hooked to the game. Some remain glued to it for hours together until they conquer the last challenge. The exasperation brings a feel of contentment with it. Today there are a lot of Indian gaming portals as well which specialise in arcade games. Many of these games feature well known personalities engaged in the battle. There are people who object at the intensity of violence in these games, but no one can neglect the amount of fun and thrill it provides.

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