Yo-ho-ho and curses,A Halloween fancy dress– pirate theme Articles pirates may not be your first idea for a Halloween party but they are an excellent source of Halloween costumes.

If you need some inspiration look to the films. Pirates of the Caribbean itself gives us a huge range of fancy dress to choose from. Jumping Jack Sparrow is a fabulous pirate and you can buy the official costume online.

You’ve got saucy wenches, buxom barmaids and official Disney fancy dress to choose from. Wicked accessories include eye-patches, daggers, swords and stuffed parrots to sit on your shoulder. There’s a nifty talking parrot you can buy that repeats everything you say back to you in your own voice. Include it in your Halloween fancy dress to annoy the other pirates. It’s likely they’ll make you walk the plank or throw you out, but not before you’ve had some fun!

Keep the rum and the ale flowing. Mix a restaurant halloween ideas non-alcoholic rum punch for the young whipper-snappers and the drivers. Dine on fresh bread with chunks of cheese and when your partner’s not looking be brave and try some pickles. Don’t cut the bread, let everyone tear off a chunk in true pirate style. Add some chocolate coins to the nibbles and some apples and oranges. Soak the oranges in rum the night before Halloween and serve the apples whole with a small knife to cut them; pirates were a motley crew and there’s no room for niceties!

Borrow or hire some foliage to dress the room and hang a hammock from the ceiling filled with plastic crabs, ropes and sea relics. If you have some pearls drape these over a chest.

Organise a few games to set the mood. Avoid unsociable small groups forming by playing games that force people to talk to each other. You’ll find an abundance of games online to choose from. These are only do-able before everyone has had a couple of drinks, so get organised to start as soon as the first guests arrive.

A pirates Halloween party is easy to organise and to throw. It makes a terrific Halloween fancy dress theme and your guests can easily find costumes.

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